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Healthcare Program: Pre-Advanced (Evaluation Test)

Speaking is one of the most activities in Healthcare Language Program activities where students have to practice over and over again to get their fluency and increase their self confidence in different kinds of situations. In accomplishing the goal, students who learn English from Foundation up to Advanced level have focused on oral performance by developing their self confidence, practice a lot in useful expressions, different vocabularies and terminology used in healthcare lessons. Moreover, Other range of students’ activities to support the language target give more and more occasions to practice and improve their English skills, especially in spoken  activities.

HEALTHCARE LANGUAGE PROGRAM (HELP) gives variety of activities in improving students’ skill in speaking English. those who learn English in Pre Advanced level will practice more in how to communicate in front of the audience to give healthcare education in a formal occasion and based on the research that they have completed.


The project of students’ last session at the end of the semester is presenting a topic taken from a problem they have observed around the campus area. From this point, they work in group discussion and do some activities before presenting it in the Seminar.  There are some topis they have already selected:

  1. Fast Food Eating Habits Among Students of UMHT
  2. The mindset of Freshmen students  of D3 Program Toward Healthy Diet
  3. The Relationship of Having Breakfast and Body Weight Levels Among the Students of D3 Program
  4. Students’ Knowledge of  Food Storage in MH Thamrin University
  5. Anemia During Menstruation Among Female Students of UMHT
  6. Breakfast Behavior of Healthcare Students in MH Thamrin University
  7. The Relationship of Nutrition Knowledge and Diet Among Health and Non Health Students at MH Thamrin University
  8. Diet Among Students

Overall, the examiner gives an appreciation to those who presented in a good way, such as showing the pathway and explain the data from the table given.

By: Rita Fithra Dewi

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