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ICT Facilitate or Replace English Teaching and Learning Activities

As the era changes, the English teaching and learning activities encounter changes as well and the changes themselves involve few matters including methods and ICT enhancement. The latter proves to be a necessary matter in transferring English knowledge to students (Ghavifikr & Rosdy, 2015). As stated by Grabe (2007), technology has undergone innovations and changed the societies.  Ghavifikr, et al (2015) also stated that as students are expected to be prepared to live in a “knowledge society”, the curriculum of schools require ICT integration.

The way ICT assisting English teaching and learning activities varies in application. Earlier, it has been told that students are to be prepared to deal with “knowledge society”, therefore the use of ICT-based learning materials contribute significantly to such issue. Since technology is common among students, the students will learn better. In addition to it, a technology-enhanced teaching and learning provide intriguing materials including music, videos, and mind-mapping to students. Research also proved that the use of ICT in teaching will enhance the learning process and promote the students’ abilities in learning actively (Finger & Trinidad, 2002; Jorge et al., 2003; Young, 2003; Jamieson-Procter et al., 2013).

The role of teachers in teaching and learning activities can also be enhanced by the use of ICT. The urge of face-to-face meeting can be solved by applying distant learning.  Students can also get notes or PDF-based text on the internet. Moreover, they will be able to submit their assignments by e-mail. An application developed by GO-LEARN™ enables students to study online, submit their works by online, and even provides online assessment.

In my view, the role of teachers in English teaching and learning remains intact. Technology does not replace them, instead it functions as an equip tool to enhance English teaching and learn. Teachers’ roles are still required to give feedback to students and to educate them as well. The social environment is also essential to students in addition to the knowledge they get. They should learn social aspect and how to socialize; therefore a face-to-face meeting is required. In summary, ICT acts as an instrument to facilitate teacher on English teaching and learning process.

Author: R M Rizky Wirabrata


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