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Three Things Everyone Should Know To Improve Their English

There have been many people who have studied English for so long. But there are still some that are lacking and it makes English language skills not optimal. Then how to improve English skills?

The following will discuss three important things should know to to improve their English:

1. Target
Find your target whether it is speaking, writing, listening or reading. Knowing your target  skill in learning English makes it effective, efficient and focus.

2. Method
You can learn English in two ways: joining English course or not. If you don’t English you must find the best way in learning English that suits on you. By joining English course you will have regular meeting in class, a tutor directs you to have the proper way in learning English and even international standardized English. English course will issue a certificate to show that your English mastery based on a standard.

3. Evaluation
You must know the progress of your learning English. Beside having a test, you can check your mastery by having a conversation with your friends or English native speaker, listen to a song, watching news on TV, write a report and read an English article.

Author: Muhammad Saifuddin

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