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Students’ Exhibition

In the fifth semester, the students of PSIK UMJ took Intermediate English for Healthcare as their English subject. The course focuses on improving students’ ability in speaking, especially in public speaking. In order to fulfill the learning objectives, the students should get more opportunities to speak in front of others. Therefore an exhibition is held to cater the students’ needs. The event served as the final term test of the course, in other words the students did not do conventional paper test and in-class oral test thus making it a unique assessment tool.

Polio Immunization group

The theme of the exhibition was healthcare and anything related to healthcare. It was made so because it needed to suit the students’ needs. The students learned English for nursing, so the context of the exam should have been in English as well. In addition, Hughes (1989) argued that a test must measure what is intended to measure. Students learned English for nursing and the focus of the course was speaking skill. Therefore, the healthcare-themed exhibition was a perfect way to assess them since it provided the chance to speak and it was related to what they have learned.

                                                                                                            Students presenting to the examiner, Mr. Yousef

In the exhibition the students worked in group. Each group had to create their own posters and present it to the examiners as well as visitors. Provided tables and space by the campus, the students made their own stand and decorated them based on the topics that they chose before. The topics could be about diseases or healthcare education, e.g., diabetes mellitus, HIV, healthy environment, brushing teeth, etc. In addition, they also needed to print leaflets and most interestingly, each group would give visitors some souvenirs if they asked questions to the group.

Students were usually terrified and nervous during the exam. However, the students in PSIK UMJ did not show any anxiety on the exhibition! It must have been the atmosphere of the exhibition that made them excited and happy. The students did the oral test in a FUN way and it was like they were on a small funfair rather than in an exam!



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  1. Henu Pradoto

    Such a great event. learning english with NEC is fun.

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