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National Library Visit Day

A library? What is it?

A library. A place that sounds quite familiar to us and everyone knows what library is. However, have you ever been there before? If no, we suggest you visit the nearest local library to find out how exciting it is.  You might be wondering about how library benefits you. Is it only about providing books to read? Or books to borrow? Not, library can do more than that. For instance, library plays some roles in the national development. The first role is to be center of knowledge that can give birth to innovation and creativity. Second, library is the centre of community empowerment to develop literacy-based potential, and the last one is to be a cultural center.

Wanna know more about why you should visit a library? Check the list below!

  1. Regular library visits enforce regular reading

Your kids love gadgets so much? Want your kids to love books? Bring them to the library often. Allow them to browse on their own and find the books that interest them. Introduce them to the librarian who is always ready with a smile and recommendations. Kids who grow up around books love books forever.

  1. Students who visit the library do better in school

Did you know that visiting the library can lead to higher test scores?  A study done in 2005 by the Illinois School Library Media Association showed that when students have regular access to well-stocked libraries they’re better readers and writers.

  1. Computers and free WiFi

For those without computers or Internet service at home, the library is a life saver. Computers help people of all ages to stay in touch, do school work, research information, and look for jobs. Even if you’re not in need of a computer, the free WiFi available at most libraries makes a nice quiet place to work, study, or use the Internet as you wait for your children to finish up their library business.

How is that? Still think library is a boring place? Are you inspired yet?

Get up and visit your nearest library now!




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